Terms and Conditions

November 2023

Johnson Property Maintenance Ltd

38 Island Street,



  1. Orders:

    Johnson Property Maintenance Ltd cannot be held responsible for shortages or delays of orders from third parties in our supply chain.

  2. Estimates

    All initial estimates are issued free of charge, amendments made after this can be subject to an admin fee of £15. Our estimates are generally valid for a period of 30 days, however if any materials included in the estimate are subject to a major price increase by our suppliers these will be passed on to the customer (after written notification has been given). It is the client's responsibility to ensure that if an estimate is compiled using architect plans, we are supplied with the most recent plans and notified of any amendments or changes to said plans.

  3. Deposits:

    Deposits will be requested for all jobs to cover initial purchase of materials and to allocate a start date. In all instances, when deposits are taken, we will supply you, the client, with a receipt invoice for the deposit. Johnson Property Maintenance operates on a structured deposit system to ensure a smooth process for project commencement and completion. The structure of the deposit system is:
    3.1 Initial Deposit (60%): Upon agreement and confirmation of the project, an initial deposit of 60% of the total project cost is required. This deposit serves materials, schedules the start date of the project, and initiates the necessary preparatory work
    3.2 Mid-Project Payment (20%): When the project reaches the hallway point or a predetermined milestone, an additional 20% payment is requested. This installment accounts for the progress made and allows for ongoing expenses related to the project.
    3.3 Completion Payment (20%): The remaining 20% of the total project cost is due upon the completion of the project. The final payment ensures the conclusion of the contracted work and signifies the fulfillment of all terms and conditions


    Should the customer request that arranged work be postponed for any reason a new date for work is to be agreed on the day the postponement is requested. If you postpone the work less than 24 hours before it is scheduled to take place, a fee of up to £350 can be added at the company discretion.


    5.1 Unless works are subject to a written contract the following terms are applicable for all general works: Acceptance of our estimate does not guarantee a specific start date. All start dates are negotiable and subject to change. While we can estimate completion dates, we do not guarantee that all works will be finished by the date given. We accept no responsibility for late completion of any works. JPM Ltd cannot be held responsible for shortages of orders from third parties in our supply chain that is outwith our control. In most cases, deposits will be requested (See above). Deposits cannot be refunded if non-refundable materials are ordered on the client's behalf. Except in the event that CCI&AC regs 2013 apply. If refundable materials incur a restocking charge this will be covered by the client.
    5.2 It is the client (or their agents) duty to ensure that all necessary permissions, permits, licenses, etc if required, are in place prior to instructing any works by us. This particularly applies to building warrants, planning permission and works to listed buildings. If works being carried out by us will raise the value of the property, it is the client's responsibility to inform their insurance company of such work and to ensure on-going works are adequately covered. If access is required through adjoining properties, neighbor's permission must be sought.
    5.3 The client will be responsible for ensuring electricity is supplied free of charge for the duration of any works. This will include adequate lighting and 13amp power for power tools, etc. A fresh water supply should be provided. It is the client's responsibility to provide a safe clean area in the vicinity of any works being carried out. Locations of fixed furniture or appliances should be pointed out to our operatives before work commences. We cannot be held responsible for any damages caused to appliances or furniture left in the working area. Free parking for at least one vehicle should be available for the duration of the works. Any parking fees required will be charged to the customer, by prior agreement.
    5.4 To comply with data protection laws, we must inform you that we will need to store your contact details, email address, etc. in order to allow us to process job sheets, invoices, etc. We will store this data within our accounting system which is secure and we will hold this data as long as we are required to by regulatory or statutory laws. We will not pass on your details to any third party or use it for marketing purposes. Please see our GDPR policy (available as a PDF below).


    All works to customer's own materials are carried out at the customer's own risk and no claim can be made against us for damages to the same or the replacement cost of such items. We cannot be held liable for any consequential damage or mechanical failures to client's own goods or property when carrying out remedial repairs, unless caused by our negligence. We recommend that customers have insurance cover for their own goods prior to work being carried out on them.
    6.1 If JPM are unable to carry on with work due to issues with goods provided by the customer then there will be a daily charge of £250 per man per day for the duration of down time.
    6.2 If customers are providing their own goods, JPM needs to receive an itemised list of all goods provided no later than 4 working days prior to the job commencing.
    6.3 JPM will not be held responsible for any damage caused to customers own goods during delivery or unpacking. Customers should check all products upon delivery for any damage and report to the company they were purchased for. Any damage found by us will be pointed out to the customer upon finding and it will be the customers responsibility to deal with replacements and complaints etc.


    All accounts are due on receipt of invoice date and always within 7 days unless otherwise negotiated. We accept payment by BACS, cheque, debit card, credit card and cash.


    If all or part of the account is to be settled by your (or a third party) insurance company, this does not change our due date unless payment is to be made direct to us by the insurance company, which needs to be agreed prior to work starting and in writing. Delays in payments from your insurance company cannot be passed on to us and payment of the account is not subject to receipt of insurance company cheques. Our contract is with the person or persons instructing the works and not with the insurance company. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that funds are in place prior to instructing any works.


    The ownership of the goods and materials supplied shall remain the property of Johnson Property Maintenance LTD until all relative invoices are paid in full. Goods returned or no longer fit for purpose, will be charged in full. Only goods that are accepted as a return by our suppliers will be refunded (subject to restocking charge). If part payment has been made, this will be credited to any labour charge first before remainder (if any) being allocated to the goods supplied.


    Please note that once you have booked an appointment with us it means that we reserved time and staff in our schedule exclusively for you. If you wish to cancel you may do so at no charge, providing you give us at least 4 weeks notice.
    10.1 If you cancel with less than 4 weeks notice but more than 7 days notice we will refund 40% of your deposit.
    10.2 If less than 7 days, we will return 30% of your deposit.
    10.3 If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours before it is scheduled to take place, we will return 20% of your deposit and you will be subject to a cancellation fee of £100.


    We will obtain the minimum personal data required from our customers and suppliers to allow us to process invoices, work orders, supplies, etc. We will not use your data for marketing purposes and will never pass this to a third party without your consent.

  7. DELAYS:

    If JPM are unable to carry on with work due to issues with goods provided by the customer then there will be a daily charge of £250 per man per day for the duration of down time.